Did you know Alana is turning 40 next week? Well she is but if she asked the only appropriate answer is, “I can’t believe you’re a day over thirty!”

It’s a Surprise!

Eric has asked for my help in coordinating a surprise party for next Friday after they return from Washington DC. The key word here is surprise!


  1. When – Friday Feb. 27th, roughly at 5:00 PM. This means we’re there and set up in their house for when they get back AT 5:00.
  2. What – Surprise party! I’ll provide decorations, wine, beer, ice, cups, plates, forks, knives and a birthday cake. It would be great if everybody could bring a dish to share. Doesn’t have to be fancy!
  3. download (5)I wouldn’t call this a “theme party” per se but I’m going to do my best to decorate with a vaguely French theme due to Alana’s love of France. I will have a backdrop so we can take pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. I will also have optional stick-on mustaches. In my experience the French are no more likely to have a mustache than anybody else but for some reason the idea of pretending to be French while wearing a fake mustache makes me laugh so I’m going with it!
  4. If you haven’t been to their house before it’s at 1235 Main St, Fairfax VT. To get to the church (where hopefully we’ll find ample parking) take the first right PAST their house and then make an immediate right into the church parking lot. You’ll want to walk to their house via the road as the meadow has 1.5+ feet of snow.

I’m still waiting to hear back from Eric but I believe (?) we’ll be parking at the church behind their house and then sneaking in the front door (there is too much snow to sludge through the meadow).

Also – no presents! Seriously – your presence and a dish to share is more than sufficient! Cards and hugs are welcome!

If you have any questions feel free to drop me an email at Or leave a comment below so other party guests can see too!



  1. Matt says

    I’m flying in on Friday – may need to coordinate by text on the day of if I’m running late. Trying hard to think of something I can bring from Toronto since I won’t have much prep time. What’s the Torraca position on Montreal-style bagels?

    • Keeley says

      I was just talking with Alana about Montreal-style bagels a couple days ago. They like them fine. I do not know if it is a rapturous affection, but they have gone to a place to watch them made and eat them.

  2. Keeley says

    By the way, unless all the snow melts, isn’t it going to be obvious that half a dozen or twenty people or however many have made footprints outside the front door? Maybe we need to mock up a bunch of fliers so it looks like the Boy Scouts, BFA Football team, and Jehovah’s Witnesses all came by on Friday?

    • Alexis says

      Hmmm…maybe we have a firm rule that everybody must walk in the exact footsteps of the person before them under penalty of eyebrow shaving?

  3. Chip Patullo says

    Noah and I will be coming to the party. We already have mustaches. I will hunt down a beret or will just speak French

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