Podcast Production

  1. Extract audio from CallRecorder file. In Movie tools Folder – select “Convert to AIFF”
  2. Import AIFF into Garage band
  3. Check master echo and reverb – should be between 0-10% (any more sounds like an echo chamber)
  4. Use Intro and outro music – Audiojungle – Summer Folk.wav
  5. Play music for 3-5 second then fade out volume
  6. Record intro. Splice in intro AFTER music fade-out
  7. Import AIFF file. Splice in after intro.
  8. Splice in finished outro (music + british lady)
  9. Save AIFF to disk: select Share -> export. Uncheck “compress” – save as AIFF
  10. Upload to auphonic.com
  11. When finished processing check final auphonic file for quality.
  12. Upload finished and checked file to Blubrry
  13. Write up show notes on blog – link to additional resources
  14. Create graphic – for blog post = 528X320 px
  15. For Facebook 1200X630 px
  16. Make sure to link to correct mp3 file within post before posting!

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