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Welcome BBBloggers!

My BBB homework is all targeting Troublesome Tots where I blog about kids and sleep. Because this most excellent summer project is unrelated to my blog topic I’ll be posting over here.

Day 1 project is to build a better blog pitch. Which should be easy because my current pitch, “I blog about kids and sleep” is so tiresome I want to take a nap having just written the words.

Figuring out how to get your kids to sleep better is my secret superpower (I was hoping for the ability to shoot laser beams out of my eyes but c’est la vie). Covering everything from sleep regressions to sleeping through the night, I share practical information on how to avoid falling into a deep pit of chronic sleep deprivation (and how to climb out). Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you find yourself in cryitoutsville, and I write about that too. 

I would LOVE feedback on my pitch. I know it needs work, I’m really open to advice. Thanks in advance!


  1. says

    I think your pitch works really well. I stayed awake through the whole thing, so there’s that : )
    Your blog sounds focused and knows its audience’; it’s clear from this pitch that the blog isn’t going to take itself too super seriously (and praise all the fishes for that) but it’s also clear you know what you’re talking about. Small point: you say that your blog helps you “avoid falling into the pit…” but then you add (and how to climb out) — you need to say, I think, “and how to climb out if you’ve already sunk into that pit…” or something like that–because theoretically we aren’t in the pit–yet… Do you see what I mean?
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    • Alexis says

      Yeah that is an awkward phrase isn’t it. Will need to wordsmith on that.

      I do wish I had a pithy one liner to use instead. It’s so hard to make “I write about kids and sleep!” not sound as exciting like, “I explain the IRS tax code!” See a Mom living in an Arab country has TONS of sex appeal and thus I’m jealous 😛

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